Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some may ask.......

what is or what does "Ride With Luke" mean or really stand for?? Nothing on this site is remotely close to Luke. Or this site is full of clips, music, and things of that nature. Well the clips represent things in a video format that I either find a bit of enjoyment in or out of, or something I felt was interesting in some way or another. The music is well, music. We've all got a different representation of the music we listen to. I for one, use it in more of a therapeutic sense that others, and have for years. It's been my "vacation" so to speak, when I couldn't "physically" get away.

So back to the site. Thus far, it's been that. Just a "ride" through my mind on a daily (or whenever I feel the need or gain the desire to post) basis, as some people that know me on a more personal level, feel the need to try and figure me out for one reason or another. I soon plan to transform this into a more "personal" site, so to speak, and the name of this blog will match up a bit more with its contents.

Some may know what I do, when it comes to the "industry" and the roles I have played, and am trying to solidify. Some don't, and LMAO, it's cool. I for one, consider the roles of those YOU DON'T KNOW, BY NAME, SOME OF THE MOST IMPERATIVE ONES PLAYES IN ONES CAREER OR AN ORGANIZATION. In any event, I too, like everyone, or a lot of others in the game have encountered a lot of bumps, headaches, etc. In addition to liars, thieves, stingy know it all old heads, etc. BUT I'M GOOD!!!!!!!

I've slowed down, re directed a few paths and am still trucking. I've always preferred to fly below the radar with things, just as long as I received my "JUST DUE", and will continue to do so, and on a lot less verbal scale. With this being said, this is where this blog will come into play. Instead of asking me, what's been going on, SOON ENOUGH, you will be able to see, hear, feel it all via.

I'm in the process of severing a lot of ties, and just doing my thing. So all you fucks that have held me up throughout the years, at 25, I can't subject myself to the BS anymore.

I'm on the verge of bustin out this bitch......those who know me know everything I've said is 100, can be verified and consists of NO holes, and NO flaws.

*sidebar* I GENUINELY love those, who, throughout my journeys, have stayed behind me 100%. Even though you may not have fully understood, and to this day, still don't fully understand what it is I'm trying to achieve or where I'm heading. I fully understand how confusing it may be to grasp the concept of something completely unknown to you, but I do appreciate all the support thus far.

Love be continued

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