Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A busy night in NYC for Pusha T...

..last night the man of the hourS (PLURAL) ran through the city like a monster..tearing down performances with Lloyd Banks & Co. and Mr. West... the 1st video, Kanye and T took to the stage to perform Runaway live in NYC..this is a huge record and people are still gravitating towards it as we if the WORLD didn't know Pushas verse this video would suck..the sound man was buggin' (hahaha with live shows EVERYTHINGS the sound mans fault)..'s "Start It Up" with Lloyd Banks, Ryan Leslie, Swizz, and Fab..

..things are definitely all G.O.O.D..

Monday, November 22, 2010

Funk Flex vs. Tupac

..and it's about time..I've been waiting for years for someone with some sort of voice and presence to bring this to light..people hold Pac as if he is or was God, and that it's mandated to swing from his genitals even after death..FOR WHAT?!?! Shouts to Flex for speaking up first..

A. Driver (promotional video) + Resurrection of the Real..'s definitely that time!!..

A. Driver (promo) from CoupeDeLuke on Vimeo

Resurrection of the Real

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nottz x Travis Barker (intro video)

..this is an ill album! beyond the production itself, the lyrics surpassed what i had initially expected from the super producer..don't say i never point you in the proper direction..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Malice - Excerpt #3

..this book and everything to come is going to be monumental..i've never steered you wrong!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jay Electronica vs. Diddy my faithful buddies of my blog know, I don't condone rumors, or anything of the's too much good music, dope apparel, etc to be focused on than shed light on any of the negative or anything remotely close..but THIS news has pissed me off..

So Jay Electronica recently signed to/with Roc Nation..CONGRATULATIONS ARE DEFINITELY IN ORDER!..and if Diddy can say Elecs name and the word FRIEND in the same sentence he should NOT be excluded from delivering congrats to that man..but word is he's upset..but as a friend of this man, and knowing what he's come from, overcome and so forth, how could you not be excited for this time in his life and career? With that being said the word career is basically synonymous with BUSINESS..and although some of us go against the grain, it's often said not to mix business with friendships..and well lastly..the deal with Roc Nation probably made more sense overall than whatever Diddy had laid (if anything) on the table..

If my FRIEND whom I know their struggles, comes to a point in his/her life where things are now going according to plans, how could I with a clear heart, just bug the fk out? Man, I tell's a cold world..

I could go on for days..but it's pissing me off the more I think and type..congrats and good luck with or without Sean Combs in your corner Jay Elec..

Friday, November 12, 2010

J. Cole - Friday Night Lights (mixtape)

J. Cole - Friday Night Lights Download here.

Jay Z x Gucci (#norapper) Jay has the OFFICIAL co-sign of the house that people have gone as far as getting their signs tatted on their faces of..Gucci has teamed up with the great, and came up with a jacket in relation to his upcoming book "Decoded"..inside, the breakdown of "Blue Magic" can be seen in the lining..whether or not this will remain a one of one display item, or actually on sale..who else can say they've done such a thing with such a brand?

Wale x J. Cole Documentary here's some rough footage of what was captured of the two..still as a fan, i enjoy things of this nature being that you realize there are lives to be lived once the track has been laid and the stages are torn down..hopefully there won't be anymore murders on Cole's behalf, as he did on "Beautiful Day"..

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BIG K.R.I.T - I ain't Shit...

..def feeling K.R.I.T ..he puts out so much "life" music, and this day and age, with what the average persons going through, it's extremely just put things into perspective..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pusha x Kanye @ Hot 97

.."the tug of the door me apart and see what's inside of this pinata"..-T

Fab live @ Jet nightclub in Vegas

Cee Lo Green x The Lady Killer (entire album stream)

..this is an excellent album..anything that I can relate to, lyrics wise, definitely has my attention from start to finish..just so happens more of the love songs are hitting home moreso that ever before..those who just skim through music and not really listen to it (c/o Jay Z) may not be able to relate..but it's definitely worth the 45 min and some change..I'll do a few things, but steering you wrong isn't one of them..

Ab Liva & iCan ft. Malice - Where Do We Go?

N.E.R.D - Hypnotize U (official video)

..Coming soon

Monday, November 1, 2010

58-inch Multi touch iPhone desk..

..This giant 58-inch multi-touch iPhone table is designed to be a 58-inch working iPhone. The 58-inch multi-touch surface accepts iPhone 4 connections via a 30-pin Dock Connector, and with a bit of magic, the table becomes your iPhone. To make the desk work, you need to connect a regular jailbroken iPhone, and then the giant multi-touch surface acts like a huge remote display.
The desk in the pictures is just a mockup, but the people from
Table Connect say they will reveal the actual working version on Tuesday.” -

Swizz Beats x Pusha x Pharrell - Bang Bang (clean)

..#monstermondays as promised..thank God T carried the entire track..

My gawwwd...Kim K...

Another M.B.T.D.F cover stated there will be 5 covers for this's another..

Hammer - Better Run Run (dissing jay Z)

...please Hammer don't hurt em..or better yet, don't hurt yourself..what you shouldve done, regardless of how you feel/felt in regards to Jays 30mil reference, was ride out the reemergence of Hammer provided by Rozayy and chill..instead, you start feeling yourself, and decide to read way too much into Hovs line and possibly commit suicide!..good luck brother, good luck..