Friday, October 24, 2008

Another reason why I don't really fu** with B.ull**itunE.ntertainmentT.elevision

the awards was GARBAGE!!

I'm glad nothing that weekend went as planned and we didnt go. Then again, I heard some of the parties were hype, but soleley for the purpose to attend the awards show, nah.

And what, was it ONLY like 6-7 awards??

SMH, it was a sad sad day in B.E.T awards ceremony land. With each day that passes, that station is lowering itself deeper, and deeper into the grave.

This was one of the few highlights of the evening, well, minus Santana.

and aye Bow shoulda got Soulja Boy to turn your swag on (Lord, I rose that word up from the dead..swag.....)

What in the hell did you rock fam??

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