Wednesday, October 27, 2010

..hometown heroes..

..check out some of the people i look up to and or turn to for motivation when things get a little sluggish..being able to reach out to these people, and witness them overcoming the odds of becoming successful in the midst of hailing from the 757 keeps me motivated as well as inspired on a daily..



A. Driver


..back home and the weathers crazy!.. with that being said, maybe some people are still eating watermelon..if so, be sure to pay attention as Petey Greene tells and shows you the proper way to do so..

..and be sure to think twice, before you answer..think twice before you say yeah..LordHaveMercy

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nike Air Max 1 Dark Army/Sail

..ill colorway..1's never let me down..

GLC - The Light

OG corner : Patrick Ewings there's this Canadian company that supposedly bought the rights and everything to the Patrick Ewings back in 2007..unless they're trying to revamp the entire line or what have you, 3 yrs to put out replicas??..i don't know..but hopefully that one, the Ewings come back out in some shape form or fashion, and that two, they do them their proper justice..these were classics!

Sunday, October 24, 2010 is what it is.. live, you learn, you love, you lose, you keep it moving's inevitable..

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kanyes album cover (1 of 5)

Hov reveals his book "Decoded" in the 305...

During his stay in Miami Jay-Z was joined by Eric Hadley, General Manager of Bing, to reveal images from the campaign, a page from Mr. Carter’s book DECODED. This unveiling will be succeeded by his fan’s global decoding of the book to take place from now until November 20th. DECODED will be released November 16 from Spiegel & Grau, an imprint of the Random House Publishing Group. The footage was shot and edited by David “Dro” Rosario.

classic foamposites..

..returning sometime later this year..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

..soooo Drake..this is how you feel aye?

..this is such a disturbing image..i had to post it..I'm far from an advocate of the whole "pause" movement..but I've always heard that there's always an exception to the rule(s) is there a logical excuse for a grown man to be cuddled by another like this? or is this definitely pause-able?..

Apple MacBook Air Notebooks

..i used to mess with a buddy of mine MacBook Air, and I didnt really like just seemed TOO fragile for my liking..not saying I man handle the MacBook I have now, but I at least wanna be aware of it's being while in use..

During today’s much anticipated unveiling at Apple headquarters, the leading gadget brand unveiled its new series of MacBook Air notebooks. Available in two sizes, the notebooks are offered in both 13″ and 11″ options, each taking on an endless array of new features that as usual outweight those of its predecessors. Further information on the new MacBook Air can be found directly through the Applewebsite, where they are now available for purchase.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Nottz x Asher Roth - Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor) video

..another dope video shot by Shomi and Illusive Media..Be sure to pick up the homie Nottz debut lp tomorrow!..

Start it up (lost version) Lloyd Banks x Pusha

..we often fight for the wrong things..even to the death..we consider ourselves being the bigger person, or not stressing ourselves by giving up on the things that if we put a little more into, that could possibly catapult our lives etc into a situation beyond our wildest dreams..i guess life wouldn't be life without the consistent bs we encounter..but damn..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A. DRIVER x CooLikeDat (interview)

CooLikeDat Exclusive: Interview w/ A. Driver!

Who is A. Driver?

A. Driver is an artist from Norfolk, Up South. I'm an M.C. living in a rappers
world who's trying to make it to the mainstream without being corny lol.

How did you get started with music?
I got started battling & being in cyphers in middle school. After seeing
how people took to
me I just went all in with the music & I've beenworking ever since.

For people who have never heard your music, what is one thing
you want them to know?
That I'm NICE lol. Seriously though, I want people to know that
I'm on my
shit. I can rap & I'm good at it.

What is your dream team? (Producers, singers, directors,
My dream team would be a team full of Virgina
talent. I would want to do a project with work
from Tim, Missy, Teddy, Lex Luger, Bink,
Nottz, DanjaHandz, & The Neptunes on
it. All of my features would be from
Va artist also. The Clipse, Trey,
Chris Brown, DMP, etc... That joint would be classic.

Scenario: the time has come for you
to record your LAST song, what would
be the topic? And who would produce it?
It would be about inner city kids over
coming their current living situation(s)
because their survival & overall prosperity
will help shape the world. I would want
the youth to know that just because shit
isn't right doesn't mean you have to live
life that way. I believe you can be in this
world but not of it so I would preach
positivity & prosperity. On the production
side I would have to go to Bink so I could
get that soul & pain & he's from Norfolk
so I'm biased lol.

You've been rapping for a while now can
you give us one memory or moment that
made you realize you were succeeding?
I was at home & my mother called me.
She was at the hair salon & a girl asked
her if she knew A. Driver. The girl asked
her if she knew me because my mother's
hair dresser called her Mrs. Driver. It was
crazy because shorty noticed my mother's
name & put two & two together. When
people start to recognize your name
that let's you know you're doing something.
Especially here.

What can we expect from A. Driver in the future?
Great music. I pray for a classic album &
a major hit but if I don't get that I'm always
gonna provide very strong music.

Where can the people get in contact with
you and get your music?
You can contact my management at
or at You can hit
me at,,, or on myspace
(if you still use it lol)

Here at the CooLikeDat blog would like to
thank you for this interview and in closing,
we always like to ask: What makes you
Thank you for taking interest in me & wanting
an interview; & I'm CooLikeDat because
I use end rhyme, internal
rhyme, alliteration, metaphors & similes,
wear Polo, New Era, OG Nike sneakers
& retros, grew up listening to Biggie &
Jay not this new shit, & I'm from Norfolk, Up South.

What's My Name?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kanyes banned album cover's the cover for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which was banned by the powers that be.. whatever happened to the days where, what was considered too explicit cover-wise, where they'd place the parental advisory sticker over that specific image?..all true hip hop fans have way worst CD's (not just covers/books) than this..

Friday, October 15, 2010 matter how much things seem to change..they remain the same..

Rick Ross - I'm Not a Star (video)

..Rozayy is still going!..other rappers, relax and take notes!..this is how you navigate a successful campaign!!

..and they're still riding for Lupe..

..even after an announced release date, his fans have still taken to the streets of NYC today in support of their hero, Mr. Fiasco..every artist should deliver and at least attempt to leave an impact on their fans to have them supporting them in their times of "need" let's see how this equals in album sales later on..if this isn't POWERFUL then I don't know what is..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010 BET Hip Hop Award Cyphers; G.O.O.D Music ed.

.."came in the game..eight years prior..eight years later..your man's on book of all my the 2 door street car named desire..came in grindin'' came through the wire..met at the cross roads..bone thugs inspired..1st of the month..trump to the toupe' on the coupe, YOU'VE BEEN FIRED!!!".. signed, sealed, delivered..Pusha T

Support the homie GLC the industry has embraced his concept, today embarks a special day in the homies journey for musical domination.."Love, Life, & Loyalty"..go get that NOW!!..

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lamborghini "Jota"

..from what's seen is dope..then again what Lambos arent?..But supposedly, this is not the new Murcielgo..And word is it may be called "Jota" because former Lamborghini engineer, Bob Wallace, built a single piece of the Miura in 1970-the Miura Jota.

..the new Jota will have a carbon fiber body with an aluminum chassis..a V-12 will produce about 700hp transferred by an all wheel driven system..they're looking at an '12 release..

Rick Ross - MC Hammer (sneak peek)

Pharrell x Jay

..Jay was recently in attendance at the N.E.R.D. x Gorillaz show at the garden..classic venue where anyone is liable to come out..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Child Rebel Soldier x Don't Stop

..i wish they'd take heed to the title of this track when it came to working on CRS material, or at least releasing it or updates in regards to..realistically, this would be a crazy project that no one could or would be able to front on!..

Throwback J. Cole

..Cole has been gettin' busy for a minute..check this footage of him getting it in while at Baseline somewhere in or around 2006..

10.10.10 10:10

..Quick question..everyone was all hype about the "catch 10.10.10 10:10" or wait another X amount of years..BUT, yes 10:10 occurred this morning, but wont it still be 10.10.10 when the clock strikes 10:10 tonight?..I may be completely wrong, just wondering..

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kanye West -Runaway screening (from Paris)

Armored truck drops/leaves behind money...

..NOW WHY AM I ONLY AROUND THE COMPETENT ARMORED TRUCK EMPLOYEES?!?!..and they arent thinking about pressing charges either?? MAN, that's one hell of a finders keepers situation to be many people would have played the olds man roll and HELD ONTO and TURNED in the 3 large bundles he said he had in his custody? or would you have either fought him for it/them, or dashed off just as the people collecting the loose bills?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Nothing like some CLASSIC Jay...'s crazy to even fix our lips to say, that just about everything this man has put out is a HIT..the music we've been subject to over the last few years havent necessarily made us forget what a hit is, but they definitely arent the same as what they were 10+ years ago, and thats a fact..Jay has CLASSICS..some, its mandatory I be in the house before Rap City comes on because I cant miss an episode are a few videos of them..

Jordan 3 White/Cement Grey

..slated for a summer 2011 release..

..of course the shoe strings wont be AS tight..

Miami PD vs Jay Z the Miami police dept., came up with a brilliant plan accompanied with a billboard and all, in attempts to get people to report gang activity..wonderful plan, all for it, this that and the third..the genius part comes where, whoever was in charge of designing it, decided to use an image which eerily resembles that of mr shawn sugar coating, or just a black man with a big nose etc..but the tilted hat, exact same jersey, watch wrist band and all!..since then the sign has been removed..but it may be too late..i'm willing to bet hov will have a check or two from M.P.D shortly..

..although the guy with the red headband could go for him as well, there's really no denying the jersey rocking character..

Nike Air Max 1 Crepe

Thursday, October 7, 2010



Excerpt #1

..this is shaping up to be something extremely monumental..for whatever your religious background may be, no one should be ashamed to speak on and shed light on it..time and time again I commend him on what he's done and continuously doing stemming from the video blogs..with the crazy world we live in, we all need a higher power to lean on for assistance and guidance.."Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked"..coming soon!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

LL Cool J x Around the Way Girl

..classic..and a partial theme song when it comes to women wishes..

N.E.R.D - Hypnotize

Support systems... i know you may be looking at this picture like, man, Luke has lost his mind posting this picture/sign..all you super cool sites and people have "fan signs", well although this is my only one, i can say I've been amongst the ranks of you all for a while now, simply gauging on how dated this pic happens to any event, i wanted to touch on the subject of being or how important having a "support system" of some sort's everything..plain and simple..and it's relatively easy to be on the supporting know the bible verse.."do unto others, as you would have them do unto you"'s just that easy.. life people tend to think/feel that there's a big book of rules some people live by, or pick and choose from..and they often respond with i don't know how to do this in this particular situation, or i don't know what to say in times like this..and neither of the two are necessary..being ones support system isn't always about saying the right things, sometimes its just lending an ear to listen, or a shoulder to lean/cry on..because when on the troubled end, just talking to someone, or knowing someones physically there is just enough to let you know that things are going to be ok..

i know that seems to be such an simple response to a situation that means so much, but i swear to you that that's all it takes..

in regards to having a support system, when faced with adversity, or when you hit those roadblocks, as stated before, just ending your day with someone to speak with, etc..just lets you know that someone out there cares as to what you're attempting to achieve, and it lets you know that what you're doing isn't going unnoticed and that you need to keep pressing forward because for lack of better words, someone cares..

..i know how it feels to have a support system, and not to have me, its a world of difference..but nonetheless you've gotta keep to go full circle, i posted this pic because it was done by one whom i felt at a certain point in time, was a fan (not in the rah rah rah groupie sense of the term) and my support system, and i ran across the pic this am while going through my closing, never let not knowing what to do or say interfere with supporting the one(s) you care for..especially when sitting in their presence with a closed mouth and open eyes and ears can place them on cloud 9..

..personally, i miss the days where it seemed as if the smallest of things i was involved in, or accomplishments i had made, that one seemed to care..its a major transition from having that, to well, not so much having that..

"We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair" ... 2 Corinthians 4:8

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nike Air Max 1

..dark army and medium gray..these hoes have taken some of their inspiration from Clarks with their crepe will come with a predominantly dark army upper while th eother will be predom. medium gray..from an overall style and colorway standpoint, when has a pair of Air Max 1s let you down?..

GLC: Church on the move...

..prior to me partaking in or contributing to anything that mattered, I was an intern for G.O.O.D Music/ the time they were the management firm handling managerial duties for the likes of Kanye West, GLC, Fonzworth Bentley and a few be truthful I didnt gain much from that experience..i have a few ideas as to why things werent as beneficial on anyone who was involved behalf, but 6yrs later thats really here nor there..i figured that being apart of their program and family at the time, that i NEEDED to come out of the situation with something worthwhile..when i sensed my run with the internship was about over, I reached out to several artists involved and one who personally was receptive was GLC (& Geno)..from there we kept in contact, and i assisted in breaking "Flight School" in my market..i watched him branch out in a positive manner away from Kanye and make a lane for himself..when people i know reach the level of where they can actually breathe that first "sigh of relief", it makes me proud..that and it gives me hope that things can still happen the way you envision them with time, dedication, loyalty and a few other positive characteristics..10.12.10..your time has arrived and your concept has been embraced brother..congrats and good luck!

Monday, October 4, 2010

For the kids...

..for those who want to "stunt like their daddy" literally..something for your kids to enjoy this holiday season..

Miguel - All I Want is You (live)

..why this song was the "lowkey" jam of the summer, and not more mentioned is still beyond me..but nonetheless it was a crazy record, especially after both Rick Ross and Raekwon hopped on it to add their special touches, respectively..

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

Runaway (artwork)

..hitting iTunes soon..

10.14.10 A. DRIVER performing live at The Norva

..Come out and witness greatness in it's purest musical form..lyrically driven hip hop delivered by one of the best the game has seen in quite some sure to contact either Driver ( @adriversfr ) 757.289.7236 or myself for tickets..