Friday, February 27, 2009

Here's the letter John Legend wrote to those sucker ass people .....

@ the _._. Post

Open Letter to the New York Post by John Legend

Dear Editor:

I’m trying to understand what possible motivation you may have had for
publishing that vile cartoon depicting the shooting of the chimpanzee
that went crazy. I guess you thought it would be funny to suggest
that whomever was responsible for writing the Economic Recovery
legislation must have the intelligence and judgment of a deranged,
violent chimpanzee, and should be shot to protect the larger
community. Really? Did it occur to you that this suggestion would
imply a connection between President Barack Obama and the deranged
chimpanzee? Did it occur to you that our President has been receiving
death threats since early in his candidacy? Did it occur to you that
blacks have historically been compared to various apes as a way of
racist insult and mockery? Did you intend to invoke these painful
themes when you printed the cartoon?

If that’s not what you intended, then it was stupid and willfully
ignorant of you not to connect these easily connectable dots. If it
is what you intended, then you obviously wanted to be grossly
provocative, racist and offensive to the sensibilities of most
reasonable Americans. Either way, you should not have printed this
cartoon, and the fact that you did is truly reprehensible. I can’t
imagine what possible justification you have for this. I’ve read your
lame statement in response to the outrage you provoked. Shame on you
for dodging the real issue and then using the letter as an opportunity
to attack Rev. Sharpton. This is not about Rev. Sharpton. It’s about
the cartoon being blatantly racist and offensive.

I believe in freedom of speech, and you have every right to print what
you want. But freedom of speech still comes with responsibilities and
consequences. You are responsible for printing this cartoon, and I
hope you experience some real consequences for it. I’m personally
boycotting your paper and won’t do any interviews with any of your
reporters, and I encourage all of my colleagues in the entertainment
business to do so as well. I implore your advertisers to seriously
reconsider their business relationships with you as well.

You should print an apology in your paper acknowledging that this
cartoon was ignorant, offensive and racist and should not have been

I’m well aware of our country’s history of racism and violence, but I
truly believe we are better than this filth. As we attempt to rise
above our difficult past and look toward a better future, we don’t
need the New York Post to resurrect the images of Jim Crow to deride
the new administration and put black folks in our place. Please feel
free to criticize and honestly evaluate our new President, but do so
without the incendiary images and rhetoric.

John Legend

and NOW...........a PSA from The Boss.......

Deeper Than Rap on it's way.........

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Young Jeezy - Circulate

this is my sh**...........i'm hoping that this is another one of those "unofficial" videos though......

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ladies Love Cool James

....not a HUUUUUUUUGE LL fan, but I respect a lot of his work
I woke up with these joints on the brain

Saturday, February 21, 2009


a vid every 2 he says......we shall see......

Friday, February 20, 2009


a lot of blogs seem to be biased for whatever, and they're siding with 50 and honestly i don't and cant see WHY!!!

Ross is putting and has been for the last what, 2-3 years, putting out better music that fif, and that's what its all about for everyone outside of those 2......

none of that other, personal, past, real-life shit matters to me, a mere enjoy-er of the music......

fuck it though, Ross is shredding this guy up, NOW BACK TO THE MUSIC

Rick Ross & Avery Storm - On Top Of The World

Day 'N' Nite Kid Cudi

about fuckin' time......

crazy imagery...dope video i have to be a lonely loner, or a lonely stoner to witness anything in this vid though??

so by now, is it a secret how much i DESPISE b.e.t???

but it's days like this that make me wish I wouldve took the time to watch 106th & park.......ahhhhhh well, thank God for the bloggers......

Ye x Cudi

Young C.......

for the past few months I've been telling people, my man is on his shit, he's in his bag, and to get ready for what's about to reemerge to/in the game.........

believe what i say when i tell you.....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

SOOOO the NY post wasnt rascist aye???

sheeeeit and well......neither is this

damn how I love the boondocks.....i've been watching the 2nd season everyday since I got's just that serious....thanks miss williams........

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kanye x Kid Cudi

Welcome to Heartbreak

dope track....not so dope vid....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

and while i'm semi in my Kid Cudi bag......

*Cudi on the right*

word is dude got the shit tased out of him @ a Reebok All Star Weekend event for wanting to rock Jordans over Reeboks during his performance........

NOW......if they insulted your intelligence as well as brand, by trying to swindle you into rocking

or even

then I retract my statements, and side with you 100%......hell getting hit with a couple hundred volts could be withstood versus having pics floating around for the rest of your relevant life....

But I mean, I know Jays are and forever will be apart of our culture......but come on fam...sometimes, when a check is involved, and it's not cutting into you or your fams health, safety, or morals, youve gotta do what youve gotta do!!

Consequence x Kid Cudi x Rik Cordero

behind the scenes........Bugging Out 2009

Bringing it back to the 757.......

Super Producer Bink ( One Shot Deal ) gets it in via. PMP Worldwide

10 yrs later........R.I.P Lamont "Big L" Coleman

....your mark on the game is still felt by TRUE hip hop heads/fans and all that......
10 yrs later...i still keep your name brewing in the BEST THAT EVER DID IT debates.......

.....fake rappers need teaching....and this would've been the perfect instructor....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cam'ron- I Used To Get It In Ohio

...this whole Cam thing should be interesting....let's see if he fades away again......

-"this muthafucka got shades on in the house man, you aint in New York, you in the Chi"

Skee.TV x Charles Hamilton they speak on the highly underrated, often misunderstood Mr. Hamilton and his latestrelease "Well Isn't This Akward".
Hope everyone that cares is enjoying their Valentine's Day....
Some consider it to be overrated, but, to each his/her own.
If you haven't received anything then enjoy this game of Mario Bros.
Now I understand why a lot of Italian ball players are highly regarded......they've got stupid hops!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

The latest from the homie GLC......

Take It Off.......and Love, Live, & Loyalty, the album, coming soon.....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So i was awaken..and advised to check out this live feed, of a Bentley on a slow speed police chase in LA around 2-3 something my time......@ first the speculations were that it was Chris Brown, I suppose because the driver was apparently wanted for assaulting his GF........SO when I got on the page...i saw a side view of the car with the windows up, and I could clearly see, that it wasn't Mr. Run It, but it did resemble Dj Khaled.........after watching for about an hr or so....the stream cut out, and my man hit me and said yo you watching them swarm the whip?

Now ain't that about a bitch, I watch faithfully for over an hr. and they swarm as soon as my feed goes i turn it back on and theres swat around the whip...then it goes out for good........unfortunately the driver had taken his life around the time where it went out......

on a brighter note, it was not Dj Khaled as I and others had semi speculated.......


This is DJ Khaled and due to recent press and news reports I feel compelled to
release a statement. Just to be clear I am in Miami, FL working on Rick Ross'
album, Deeper Than Rap. I am not in LA where there are reports that I have been
in a police chase. These reports are completely false and unfounded.

DJ Khaled
We The Best Music

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*sidebar* anyone know about DOA (dead on arrival) vehicles??
I'm sure the price on that there Bent won't be through the roof, and that the blood will just slide off of that "spalding leather" my best Juelz Santana voice.....

Monday, February 9, 2009

Post Grammys.........

so they were pretty eehhhhhh........BORING....a bunch of un-interesting performances, but it is what it is........

I may be back later to give a full review of it...maybe not....depends on how my day goes...

I'll leave you with Coldplay & friend

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eben Gregory......

I've been checkin my man out *pause* via. YouTube for a minute now...and his videos are crazy!!

enjoy!! then again, you're sense of humor may not be the same as mine, and you might click off 2min into the video...who knows.......AND WHO GIVES A F*$K?!?

Former Bad Boy artist Mark Curry on Diddy

...hmmm I could definitely weigh in on this subject, maybe not with the exact characters...a substitute here, another one there, but I def, can feel where the man is coming an extent


So I suppose if you've been looking for Cam'ron lately, and have recently been in Chicago, then your chances of running into him were pretty high as he was in the Chi knocking out some videos for his upcoming release.

(photo snatched from fake shore drive)

........but damn, Cam in the Chi, rockin all BLUE??

*cue jeezy*


Private Jet life with Diddy & Royce the 5'9

...this shit mustve been catered by Popeyes in part, because they had plenty of that bird (chicken) on deck!!!

Rick Ross x Mafia Music (video)

Video Provided by CoupeDeLuke

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Curren$y x Sky x mythBLAZERS

..........Hello Space World......

Intalek - ......Hello Space World....

.....check my man Intaleks joint......Hello Space World......don't say I didn't warn you......

Mistah F.A.B goes in....

an ill freestyle from the underrated West Coast homie......

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lil Duval - Raw U

Cam'ron - I hate My Job

gottdamn Cam...are you back this time for good or will you be gone tomorrow like you have each of the last 40 times you popped up......

Colin Munroe x Joell Ortiz - Piano Lessons

..for what?!?!? I can definitely do without his music as the sh** makes no fuckin' sense to me......Maybe I am a bit out of touch with things.......then again...HELL NAH........I'm 25, and far from out of touch with anything musically's just garbage.......I don't see how he escapes the frequent, who killed hip-hop conversations though......too bad he didn't escape the hands of the law......*shrugs*

*drops jaw*

....come on've got to take a very strategic approach to this guy, especially the way he's playing now.......Although I'm not and never have been overly fond of 50, I must LMAO @ this video........certain just can't deny.......

Soulja Boy is a clown in his own right.......

and quite humorous to boot........AT TIMES.........and at others he just shows you how much of a child he really is....which is cool with me, hell, he's not my brother nor my son, etc, so fk it, let him do his song says, he's getting money, and that is definitely the name of the game......

But just jump to 1:22 and enjoy yourself for about 9 seconds out of the entire vid

Damn that Liberty Tax Service......

Ok, so for a minute we've all been seeing the dancing statue of liberty people..rain, sleet, hail, snow and all that. So a few weeks back I see they switched things up, to the statue of liberty people, and a new addition, a dancing chicken. I know, crazy Friday.....I see they've really shown that they are an equal opportunity employer, and upgraded, to a jazzy riding/driving statue of liberty......

Fabolous - Turn My Swag On

Fabolous - Turn My Swag On

Ross (live) snippet

Sunday, February 1, 2009

SMH...they had it in the bag...

The Cardinals had he game in the bag, yet their D dropped the ball, not literally of course. It's no way in the world Santonio shouldve been able to make those grabs to end the game in such a fashion. Even though I'm the furthest thing away from an Arizona fan, there still shouldn't have been any way under the sun, that the Steelers came out victorious. I just don't get it. Anyways, I'm ready for my Giants to get it in next season.

Oh yeah, and those were some of the worst fuckin' commercials I've seen in my umpteen years of Superbowl viewings, in addition to that suckass halftime performance. Ahh well.