Saturday, May 29, 2010

just one of those much to be grateful for first and foremost, yes so much that makes you upset and any other word synonymous of the term..

"I will wear my heart upon my sleeve For daws to peck at." -William Shakespeare

..i mean, it's ONLY right..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Train to Paris (artwork)

..let's hope, if the Didster is doing an ample amount of rapping on this lp, that his new BFF Mr. Ross had a lot of ink spilled for this project..if so, this may assist in carrying good music throughout the summer..only time will tell...

Commonwealth x Memorial Day Cookout

...hmmm...don't mind if i do...

Jay x Drake - Light Up

yeah yeah yeah first off..whys Jays name first?? Why not?!? Secondly, Luke, theres no file/link attached to this post..I'm sure you all have heard it by now..if not then homie you aint up on this..Third..Drake..hmmmm..he's beginning to bore me, in addition to his voice being annoying as ever..I mean don't look at this as a Drake bashing thing, because dude is clearly talented, hell, even I have some of his work..somewhere..but certain people are making him out to be in the running for "heir to the throne"..Even though Push told Hov why not to pass the crown so soon, Hov hopped on the tack and literally showed you why he isnt passing it so soon..

NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!

Come on Jordan, or whoever is responsible for this 2010 FUCKERY!!! If these are your type, then by all means, feel free to stroll behind me as i urinate of the ground youd soon be walking on..and the nerve to label these a "tribute"...*TWO thumbs down*

Bun B & Jeezy - Just Like That

this is a crazy track..Bun is the OG and him and Jeezy always make good music..

Rick Ross!!

Rick Ross - the Albert Anastasia ep

first up we've got the boss and his new ep which dropped today, The Albert Anastasia ep..I haven't even taken a listen but I'm beyond sure its CRAZY!! BUT, whether or not it lives up to Jeezy's latest installment is left to be determined..

Money Maker

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rick Ross - Ha Ha freestyle

Rock The Bells 2010 last night/early this morning the lineup for this years Rock The Bell concert series was seems to be pretty dope, as ive never attended or been made aware of how they actually work..theyve got 4 dates im not sure if thats it, or more dates will gradually be added or how they do things..if not, with the headliners (Wu, Rakim, KRS, & Slick Rick) all performing classic LPs in their entirety im not sure how theyll factor in Clipse (who could and should be headliners themselves) and the other performers..

Friday, May 21, 2010

Things are definitely looking UP for Ross..

..this seems to be a sweet lil situation from here on out for the boss, without a attention..

..light photo work.. i thought this chicks boots were about to come alive..i was stuck in the corner, sweating bullets!!..

..highline ballroom..killin' it!..
..that good ol' Amy Ruth's..Harlems finest....Harlem has the hair game on smash too..she's killin' the half caesar, half don question.. man @ the hotel front desk..

..back in the state that made me..

..this has GOT to be a Baltimore thing, I swear this is the best treat, and that's the ONLY place I've been luck enough to find it..the search continues..
..and I suppose this is another Baltimore and for him to say the least..
..enjoying the sun, gathering thoughts, chilled H2O, and a wonderful natural beverage..shaken, not stirred..

Lupe Fiasco x Ok Player TV x Sessions with Lupe

Suge Knight is a clown!

I mean seriously. How much longer does he plan on living the life os getting knocked out and or getting arrested for foolishness? He's not BROKE, so man just take your money, either invest in something profitable, or just take it and disappear..either or there's no point or logic in anything he's done within the past 5yrs..smarten up Suge *in my Jay voice*

a PSA from brother Nasir

..and there you have it..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PSA from Diddy & the Boss

Congrats to The Clipse!

Congrats on the fellas 2010 BET Awards Nod! This entire ride, especially surrounding "Til' The Casket Drops" has clearly been incredible, and it's not over yet! So as I stated earlier, it's time to get those acceptance speeches together, because The Best Group Award is in the bag!!

Best Group
Black Eyed Peas
Diddy-Dirty Money
New Boyz
Young Money

Ross x Ne-Yo - Super High


Monday, May 17, 2010

Diggy Simmons - What The Been Waiting For

..I always found it crazy that, while on TV, rapping was JoJo's, that's what he was actually working towards..I can't recall (I could be wrong) ever seeing or hearing about Diggy making any references to actually wanting to be apart of anything musically related..Now whether from blogs or whatever, I do remember vaguely hearing talks of clothes and or any event, this guys actually got something..Maybe JoJo can carry his jewelery or something..

The Roots Crew

...How I Got Over..another classic..mark my words..

Curren$y- King Kong



...pearl foamposites...

Nottz x Asher Roth

..I've never really been a huge fan of Asher Roth, but Nottz..Nottz is definitely the OG, from out the way, and just about everything he orchestrates is crazy and this track, production wise seems to fall right in line with everything else!! And if you've been in his studio, you could just imagine how that bass is killing every chest in the spot!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cam x Drama x Vado i had doubts about this tape, checked it, and it's official! Nowhere near Jeezy TOD2, but it's worth the play when you decide to give that snowman tape a rest..

..funny shit..

..Pineapple Express bloopers.. that's how you feel aye??..


...she doesnt like em but whatever..if they were beyonce worn or inspired, it'd be a totally different story.. :/

Enjoy sir!'s definitely going down tonight in the 757..if all roads don't lead to Guads, then hell, i don't know where you're heading..

Dirty Money x Rick Ross x T.I.

...hello, good morning...

Centric TV x N.E.R.D

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wiz Khalifa x MTVs Mixtape Daily

..and now a few words from President Obama response to the smash hit, "Dickriding Obama"

A PSA from the Teflon Don....

Jadakiss.. while performing @ The Highline Ballroom, the fellas brought out Kiss as a special guest...and what do you know, I made the blogs, me and the homie Rick Geez, indirectly of course, lol...

Infared Air Max 90s

...super official

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ab-Liva x iCan - The Wire

...the homie Liva came through on this right on the lookout as '10 is predicted to be MAJOR for Re-Up Gang in it's entirety!

Fat Joe x Jeezy - Slow Down (video)

...late pass

NAS x The Life Files