Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jay Z x Mr. Hudson - Young Forever

Who is Luke?

NY made me, VA raised me

A son, a FATHER, a brother, an uncle, a significant other, a wonderful friend/associate/business partner

Dedicated to whatever I put my mind times REALITY steps in and for lack of better words, boguards the situation, but believe me, I ALWAYS GET RIGHT BACK!

Stubborn within good reason..knowing you're going to win at a situation at some point in life calls for you to stand firm, hold your ground and stick to your guns..which could ultimately lead to people categorizing you as being "stubborn"

Well educated..although I have yet to complete college, hell, I may never do so, I have done enough and continue to do my own readings/studies/etc. to keep my head above water from an intellectual stand although a large percentage of the time you may not get much from me, it's more than likely because I'm not getting anything at all from you, from a stimulating conversation aspect, and in conclusion don't deem you worthy of what I have to say

LOYAL..there's not one situation that I at one point in time that was apart of that I wasn't giving my all to, for largely, the betterment of someone else..I often see the big picture and CHOOSE to stay down..yet people often lose sight once they have the epitome of a team player

Reserved..I'm not the loud, I'd do anything for the spotlight type of individual..I enjoy my space, and value the time I have with and the space of those that matter..My business is my business and don't feel the need to have it broadcasted to the world unless it's for a profitable cause with stipulations, or until my views and feelings on such change..yet me being a devoted father, a few business relationships/acquaintances as well as my happy year and a long relationship (919) are well, common knowledge to some for lack of better words

If you can be GREAT at thinking, then I'll wear that title with pride..sometimes I tend to think I OVERTHINK things which I'm well aware could possibly be both good and bad, but sometimes you've just got to roll with what's in front of you and deal with the results as they are received be continued

Friday, December 25, 2009

Curren$y x Life Under the Scope

This Curren$y is knockin'..not too often am I thrilled by the material he puts out as I once was, but this one definitely proper!

Double Dose of Triple C's

feat. Bun B Break It Down

feat. The Game Gangster S*#t

Merry Christmas x Black Thought...

Merry Christmas!!

minus the crew..

A Mr. West sighting

Friday, December 4, 2009


interview with Bootleg Kev...6days TTCD...
So I've been MIA for a while, yet with GOOD reason...It's a lot of things going on within my life, both business and personal. Not justifiably speaking, but truthful, I just haven't had time to dedicate like need be to the blog and for that, and to those who've inquired about updates, I sincerely apologize.

One thing in particular came about during my hiatus. OK, it really didn't come about during the actual hiatus, yet it was indeed released during such.

The homie Kellen Dengler and I spearheaded this Play Cloths piece for, which was and still is being featured on the infamous blog site as a banner. For all those who know, or at least know how to check sites traffic, then you are well aware of the masses that this project is reaching. The responses received thus far have been crazy!! So if you've been under a rock and have yet to see the video, well low and behold it is posted an "eye drop" away!!

OH YEAH.....JONATHAN "LUKE" BRABHAM, DFGglobal is indeed me if you were wondering via the credits. Just don't get too comfortable calling me something you are just being made aware of!! That is, unless you're cutting a check....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

COMME des GARCONS wallets...

...if you're like me wallets may not be your thing. But here's something for those people who seem to make an issue of YOU not having one, to get you and to shut them up!!
The popular line of COMME des GARCONS wallets sees some different interpretations here with a mixed embossed reptile style. Three different wallets include a contrasting usage of both reptile skin and a pebble leather style. The usual CdG zippered touch is seen in gold as a further highlight.

If J's and silvers your thing....


Dj Khaled x Fed Up (behind the scenes)

dope song, but I guess the whole Big (semi) "Hypnotize" concept never gets old....*shrugs*

DAMN, in the lambo scene with Jeezy Khaled looks EXACTLY like Mustafa Mustafa, the dude in Cali who committed suicide in the Bentley a few months back..crazy..


can't get much more retarded-ER than this!!