Thursday, February 25, 2010

Joell Ortiz x Call Me

..Ortiz is a MONSTER and I put that on everything. I hope he gets the shine and proper recognition he deserves, seriously. My man has got crazy talent, and outshines the other members of Slaughterhouse by 10x's his latest joint "Call Me".. OH YEAH..and he is smashing any other fairly new artist in the game..BUUHHLEEEEDAT!!

gyptian X hold yuh if you know me, you know I'm the furthest thing from a reggae fan but this joint right here..THIS JOINT RIGHT HERE!! Lol, but nah, I like this for whatever reason..

Randy mixtape update...

..this is going to be hilarious..

HOV In Tx.... from the BP3 tour in Houston..

Amber Rose.... she never really, "did it" for me..but this picture speaks volumes..I guess that's what I am supposed to say..

Curren$y going in..

I'm telling you, this IS DEFINITELY his year!! Spitta has been getting busy over the past few months in a major way..

..yeah, I'm back..just had to get m mind right, gather my thoughts, etc..sometimes life tries it's best to shit on you've just got to step back, and reflect on a few things..thanks for bearing with me!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Life.....'s (in addition to Blogger not allowing me to update in the fashion I'd like to at the moment) definitely taking it's toll on me right about now..although I am used to a lot of bullshit, I'm far from immune to it..I too am human, and hurt in certain instances..through life I've learned to maintain and keep things moving because I am often reminded that..CORRECTION..I often remind myself that my situation(s) could be 10x worse than what they really are..and that grounds me for a while, until things begin to bubble back's hard to believe that with all the things we consider negative in which we encounter, that everyone who says that they're in your corner, are being completely genuine..and the majority of the time, it's not about anything's just about getting that love that you feel you deserve, just to assist in smoothing things over..I believe at times I put a lot of thoughts into things, situations, etc..and when doing so, I probably make more out of situations than they really are or need to be..BUT..I am far from being oblivious to what is clearly in front of my eyes..In any event, enough babbling..SO, with that being said I just need a minute or two to reflect on my life, the things/people I love, and longevity..stay up!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter 2010 as a kid I used to long for days, weeks, etc like this..where the weather would hypothetically, shut everything down..everything that mattered to me in the sense of the word was pretty much school, for anything else being open I could deal with..then people would ask me, when I expressed my strong dislike for the cold weather and snow and such, well aren't you from NY? Like being from there automatically creates some sort of like and admiration for the freezing any event, I'd tell them yes, but I'd prefer the bearable 70's 80's ANYDAY over this last weekend we were basically snowed in, VDOT here sucks, they were once again, as they put it, caught off guard and when all was said and done, they supposedly spent all the funds allotted for like, snow/ice roadway/highway maintenance (salting, sanding, etc.)..well here we are the following weekend and it's coming down like crazy..let's just pray since there aren't any funds left (to spend on the roadways because some chump is probably vacationing with 'em)..that this snow doesn't get as bad as last weekend..HEY WEATHER AND MORE IMPORTANTLY VDOT..THIS WRITING IN THE SNOW IS FOR YOU!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

..I wonder if Bo knew anything about Syracuse..

..Yes, Syracuse..ONLY the best squad in College basketball HISTORY..yeah, I'm going out on a limb to say so..any objectors?? But whether he did or didn't, the white X orange ones are a CRAZY match!! Bo Jackson pack avail Feb. 10..