Saturday, October 11, 2008




First and foremost, dude provoked the whole ordeal. Truth be told I don't know what kind of guy the one that was sleeping was on any other day, or even before the vid. But the moment @ hand, he was minding his own business.

As you can see, between 5 & 7 sec. into the vid, the victim puts his hands on the knocker-outer. tsk tsk tsk

Between 8 & 9 sec. the Ko'er attempts to defuse the situation by pushing the victim away. That there could've deaded the whole situation. Which would've definitely been a good look, you know, with the camera running and all. I'm sure he took dude for soft and probably amped the cam man/woman to record the WHOLE thing. fuckin' clown

At 11sec. Tyson bangs on the desk. A sign that everyone shouldve been aware of that which I thought WORLDWIDE, means that he's about to beat the PULP outta the victim!
Hell. @ least where I'm from, you should already know.

Between 12 & 14 sec. the infamous walk away to build up your momentum takes place.
aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww shit, here we go........

(i mean damn, did you hear it sound off? LMAO)

And 16sec the ever so famous, Jesus on the cross layout, dead in the middle of the floor.

smh......hey, he asked for it.....

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