Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The ever so beautiful...

Stacey Dash gracing the cover of Smooth Magazine...

then be sure to check her in the video for the latest smash of the boss, rick ross & Ne-Yo

The Cleveland Show's a sneak peek of the episode which will feature Mr. West..


...the young man is gonna make Def Jam some bread..buhhleeedat!

Jeezy x Piles - Lose My Mind

..damn i hate that Plies is on this track..but whatever..

Nottz - Cars

..another video from the OG homie Nottz..the hometeam is definitely gettin' busy!!

..a few days in Ohio..

..other than the wet weather, everything was pretty sweet in ohio..from the backwoods of Hiram, to Cleveland..all was good..i can def see myself fkn with cleveland like that..

..bare necessities

Lupw Fiasco- Beamin'

..directed by Illusive Media

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Late Pass : NATURE

yo this is my man!! when For All Seasons dropped , that's all I rocked! and to this day it would probably be the same if my CD wasn't scratched to hell. In any event, this was posted May of 09....BUT since I don't believe the documentary has come out, then its still rather relevant correct?

JEEZY x Plies - Lose My Mind footage

..behind the scenes


Joell Ortiz breaks down YAOWA man is one of THE dopest out right now, unfortunately truthfully people in the category of straight spitters with little to no gimmicks, don't sell well....but I'm sure he'll enjoy an ample amount of success nonetheless...YOAWA!!!


The 3rd and supposed final season of the Boondocks starts in a few days...MAN i can't wait!! Seriously, I watch the 2nd season at least 3x a's just part of my daily routine...Thanks babes...

Friday, April 23, 2010


So yesterday was grueling..well, in a sense of the word I suppose. The road has got to become my friend. But seeing more of what the world and nature has to offer definitely made up for what drained & or frightened (mountains are ABSOLUTELY NO JOKE) me. That and my stellar taste in music (both today and yesteryear), as I pat myself on my back. I didn't capture all of which I intended, but I vow to do better.

..just some of the photos I took of the mountains and what not.

after getting everything right, we hit Benihanas.

and around 1AM the fellas tore down BOMA in Columbus, OH.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jeezy - Trap or Die 2 update

..personally i wouldn't care if the tape was hosted by Mr. T himself..The public, and myself included just want the tape!!! But i suppose one update since the supposed initial release date which was around Superbowl weekend, is better than remaining in the dark..

and speaking of Mr. T...apparently gays aren't taking to him and one of his Snickers commercials script...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fat Joe x Jeezy - Slow Down (behind the scenes)

..if this track couldve been held off until now..Fat Joe couldve definitely had the summer on smash with this's crazy!!

Maxwell - Fistful of Tears (video)

..this has to be one of the best tracks off his latest album..and it hits so close to home..

Rick Ross x Teflon Don (trailer)

-Ross is on the heels of another monumental release.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mannie Fresh - Like A Boss, the old Cash Money days were the sheeeit...

J. Cole - Who Dat (Live)

...the man gets busy...stop trying your hardest to deny him of what's rightfully all wanted lyrically driven hip-hop, and here it is...

KAWS x Pharrell

...from album (i'm assuming this is a wrap) cars...KAWS does it all...

Friday, April 9, 2010

iPad in the dash...

..unfortunately there's no super dope line to associate with this subject..YET..but i'm sure after a good month or so of circulation of this video and subject, it's coming #nojizz....anyways, if you're a "stunter" it's best if you're the 1st one with /or to do it...

Clipse..The FanBase Tour

...coming to a city near you...

..and while we're on the subject, Ryan Leslie performed at HU the week before last, and brought out Pusha as a surprise guest..the video shows, but NOT to it's fullest extent how the crowd went crazy when he ran on and joined R. Les on stage..

Freanik The Musical.... i'd ask for a latepass, IF i was indeed late. I caught this when it first aired and DIED...this shit is hilarious...with the voices of Ross, Ce-Lo, Lil' Jon and more accompanying the fact that it's still a cartoon is animated me at least..

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Play Cloths x G-Shock

...crazy collab...

Air Max 1 (pink)

surfing the net, I ran across these via Hypebeast and the most akward gottdamn spilled from my lips...I've never really been sneaker racist, but i just never thought I'd have feelings for a "pink shoe"...until now...these are CRAZY..if you know me and my sneaker posts, any pair of A-M-1s are automatically going up..hands down..they're like the _____ of footwear..and they can do NO wrong!