Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wale x J. Cole x Melanie Fiona - Beautiful Bliss

Wale featuring J.Cole ......The new age ROC (Nation) Boys........this joint is crazy!! Wale x A.D.D. Coming 11/10

Wale x J.Cole x M.F.- Beautiful Bliss

"Phuck The Phillies" tee

as a YANKEES fan I NEED this!!

Hov in Montreal

What the games been missing...

Mr. Michael Eric Dyson kicks the truth to the young black youth...

Jay & A. Keys

Live from the BX performing "Empire State Of Mind"....and guess who took that W home after the night was all said and done?!?

Glow In The Dark Book Promo

Mr. West...

Cormega x AZ -Affirmative Action Live @ SOB’s

Truth be told I have always felt AZ was one of the most underrated, most slept on artists in the history of Hip Hop...I find myself skimming through music ALL DAY LONG and at days end, AZ - Doe or Die is where I land...CLASSIC material...heres' him and Cormega performing Affirmative Action Live at SOB's......

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Patta x Nike Sportswear 5th Anniversary Air Max 1 Premium

Sweet Jesus!
If I had to choose ONE particular shoe (but allowed to have it in various colorways) to wear for the rest of my life, this would definitely be it! I love Air Max 1 Premiums just as much as pizza, gummy worms & buffalo wings!...

“Elevator Hustler” Trailer Directed By GLC

Lupe Fiasco - All The Way Turnt Up freestyle

..gottdamn he snapped on this track..definitely showing us he was ___(insert track title here)!!

Lupe Fiasco - All The Way Turnt Up freestyle

Joel Ortiz x Run This Town freestyle

-continue to get familiar..J.O is the TRUTH

Joell Ortiz - Run This Town freestyle

Gucci app for iPhones....

and not BBs!!!

Gucci is pleased to announce the launch of the ground-breaking Gucci App for iPhone and iPod touch, which is now available from the App Store. The app synthesizes the worlds of fashion, technology and music offering access to exclusive Gucci products, unique playlists, videos, fashion shows, news, events, latest collections, store listings and the ability to mix your own music.


This is one dope backpack...

*Material water-repellent and strength Ripper backpack. Inside storage can be 15-inch laptop. And then using the pad that thickness back is made provides for ventilation. Also and shoulder for a long time not tired.

It's time they reveal the TRUTH about rappers...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Clipse x Cam'ron - Popeyes

This joint is crazy, further building the worlds anticipation for Til The Casket Drops!!
P gets busy on this track, especially with the horns...

Clipse x Cam'Ron - Popeyes/Back by Popular Demnd

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Game - Heaven

The Game - Heaven

Young Jeezy x Trap Or Die 2

Jeezy - Trap Or Die 2

B.G. x Mannie Fresh - My Hood (behind the scenes)

Man does this take me back, even without the other Cash Money Ballers...Ts Bauds(Girbauds) minus the Rees...we used to go IN on ANYTHING Cash Money put out, and to the day I'm glad to see Fresh and B.G on it, making quality anticipations building for Gizzles upcoming project!!

Clipse performance @ Hiro Ballroom


Clipse Live @ The Hiro Ballroom (Video)

Mr. Hudson x Kid Cudi....

-the making of "Everything Is Broken"

Erryday (behind the scenes)

First off I'd like to once again state that I LOVE TO SEE, AND RESPECT WHAT RICK ROSS IS DOING WITH AND FOR TRIPLE C'S!!

It's a lot of so called labels, situations, etc. that artists establish, and have their homeboys & other artists under, and other than the top dog, none of them after him see the light of day in terms of an album release. Maybach Music Group isn't THAT old, and here they are less than a week from their first lp.

Shouts to the boss, doing what real bosses do.....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Clipse x Rick Ross - I'm Good rmx

-disregard the cold weather, this track is bound to take the temp up a few notches.....

Clipse ft. Rick Ross - I'm Good (remix

Do you know who Clipse is?!?!

Til The Casket Drops...Coming 12/08/09

Rae speaks Shyne...

for whatever reason, not many people, let alone hip hop artists are touching this subject from any standpoint and I am baffled as to why not. The man actually lived what 90% of what the fake rap about, but have NO words of encouragement, no nothing...Mr. Carter...THE BEST MR. CARTER, said it best...."ain't no live in the heart of the city"....

4 words....

what a fkn idiot....seriously gucci...what is the point in ANYTHING you do, especially when it comes to you and your fools jewels...I drop my head in shame on your behalf...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GLC x John Legend x Man Man

"My man John Legend came down to Atlanta to get it in & we did @ Patchwerk alongside the great Man Man aka Pootie Tang on the keys! Keezo Kane & Geno were also on board as we soared!" - as seen on

Shouts to the homie is continuously on the move!

Wale x Pharrell - Inhibitions

*fresh off the presses*

Wale ft. Pharrell -Inhibitions

Clipse x Rick Ross

** In the 305 for Kia Soul and working on "I'm Good" remix video

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

T.I. x Hell Of A Life


Shyne Po...

So how do you say welcome home to a man, who's served his time, and turn around in the same breath and say, there's a strong possibility that we're going to deport you?

Apparently that's what's going on in Shyne's life right about now. Bittersweet to say the least!! Not justifying his actions simply because he laid down 9 yrs and some change of his life, but damn, was he or anyone (not that it had anything to do with anyone outside of him and his family, but still) aware that this would be the end result of his prison term?

That's something I don't get about our prison system, one of the MANY things I don't get truthfully. If you lock a man/woman up in this country, isn't it for them to be rehabilitated, for them to become better citizens IN THIS COUNTRY upon their release? I mean, that IS what they claim, going to jail is all about...REHABILITATION correct?? And I'm not just saying this because it's Shyne either, that goes for anyone! If they're going to give em the boot ANYWAYS, then why piss off and away tax payers dollars by giving someone a trial and possible prison sentence?? Why not ship them off and refuse their re-entrance and wash our hands with the quote unquote problem.

America has so many problems to deal with on a much higher level, yet our country's officials seem to lay focus on things that can be easily shut down & or swept under the rug, for lack of better words, yet they do nothing or move slow with the issues that are on a much larger scale. Hold your head Shyne. Maybe an appeal can be made, if not, may your last hours on U.S. soil be joyous ones

Monday, October 5, 2009

Nas & Derrion Albert on CNN

When artists plan or are sought out after to be guests on these shows, specifically hip hop artists, be ready for the infamous portion of the discussion where they're interrogated on whether or not they feel the music they live to make, causes violence and so on and so forth.

As fans, etc. we are very much so aware of the underlying messages (and some not so underlying...just flat out blatant) that this genre of music delivers, at the same time there are just as much, that aren't glorified or put in the spotlight as much, that deliver positive messages to the masses.

*I just wish that when these interviews were conducted that they're intended to be handled on level playing fields, and not to tear down the culture of the music and us as a people.

Triple C's invade London....

The Boss and his crew, take over London on their UK leg of touring the world...Shouts to my S.A.S fam!!

Kanye samples....

for your listening pleasure of course...those who bleed music should be able to appreciate this......

Common x Cee-Lo - Make My Day


Diamond Supply Co.

Diamond Supply Co is another dope brand we follow closely. But like others, theres a LACK of presence in this market, heck, on this cost for a large part. I wihs they knew what type of influence as well as following they have, and ultimately could have with the right *cough cough* relationships over here. DIAMOND SUPPLY CO!! HOLLA AT ME!!

Billy Blue x Brisco - Get Like Me

I am semi baffled as to why this is still in relatively new categories through various sites, although I personally find the track enjoyable. Billy Blue definitely will carry Poe Boy on his back, with the help of Flo Rida as well as Brisco.