Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clipse x L.A. Leakers x Got It For Leaks

..this is an ill concept..plain and simple..the "mixtape" has been around for a minute, and not to say it's been overdone, but the lack of creativity and effort put into each project has been lacking, and the world has taken notice..over the past few months, we've been blessed with 3 solid installments in the mixtape world, starting with Jeezy's T.O.D 2..then followed up by Rick Ross's Albert Anastasia ep..both of which featured entirely new music over original tracks..just what the game has been missing..both acts have proven to be successful upon each album release, so "giving" the people those tapes could have been looked at as a thank you for the support type thing if you will..here is the THIRD piece brought to us by The Clipse and the L.A. Leakers..an Audio-biography mixtape where they give us an inside look at either what was going on around the time each song was released, or what went into the actual making of the track, etc..as a fan and supporter of the music, I appreciate all that the respective artists whom I choose to listen to, put into each project, but creativity definitely is a the kicker..so although this doesn't feature new music, the "different factor" overshadows all..and well the fact that these are all hits..a best of mixtape on steroids if you will..(click RED title to download)

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