Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can he live?

..this Lebron bashing is getting out of hand..granted Rozayys comments on this matter may very well indeed be quite irrelevant, but the moral of his comments in which he pointed out, everyone let Mike do Mike..let Lebron do him..who in their right mind, reaches the ultimate level of any sport, professionally, and DOESN'T WANT TO WIN??..so the masses truly believe that he was supposed to stay in Cleveland and lose? Then he couldve very well became Lebron the disgruntled player and had other issues arise..the man dedicated damn near 10yrs to an organization that just couldn't do it..and he desires and strives to win..it's just that simple..people talk that crazy talk all day long..but what's the difference between what Lebron did versus what damn near every RAPPER does by signing to a major deal instead of "doing it on their own" or "building up a winning situation around them" as they said Lebron should have done?? or what agents, or talent scouts do when they join conglomerates?? So yeah MICHAEL JORDAN may not have done what Lebron did, but don't act as if that if you're an entrepreneur and a major corporation kicks you a deal you cant refuse, that initially seems like it will help you "win", after years and years of your solo attempts that you wont be jumping to the opportunity.

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