Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter 2010 as a kid I used to long for days, weeks, etc like this..where the weather would hypothetically, shut everything down..everything that mattered to me in the sense of the word was pretty much school, for anything else being open I could deal with..then people would ask me, when I expressed my strong dislike for the cold weather and snow and such, well aren't you from NY? Like being from there automatically creates some sort of like and admiration for the freezing any event, I'd tell them yes, but I'd prefer the bearable 70's 80's ANYDAY over this last weekend we were basically snowed in, VDOT here sucks, they were once again, as they put it, caught off guard and when all was said and done, they supposedly spent all the funds allotted for like, snow/ice roadway/highway maintenance (salting, sanding, etc.)..well here we are the following weekend and it's coming down like crazy..let's just pray since there aren't any funds left (to spend on the roadways because some chump is probably vacationing with 'em)..that this snow doesn't get as bad as last weekend..HEY WEATHER AND MORE IMPORTANTLY VDOT..THIS WRITING IN THE SNOW IS FOR YOU!!

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