Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sucky marketing tool/guy

So if I'm not mistaken.......Like when you have someone as the "face" of your product he/she is supposed to do one or two of a few things....i.e. be famous and sway people to buy the product, just cuz people say , "Hey, Luke's cool & he rocks with it, so so should I"!!

Or just photo wise, look a certain way, whether its the way its pictured or packaged thatll make people JUST HAVE TO HAVE YOUR PRODUCT.


Check this MFer out.......

If I was to EVER cut off my hair, I swear I'd have to choose another durag company. If you have to ask WHY, then just look at the photo in its entirety over and you'll soon see........LMAO

I hope it's no kids, hoping that wearing this durag will make 'em look like ol boy......if so then i'll continue to pray for our future leaders

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