Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tyler the Creator x OFWGKTA

..i first learned of cuz a week or so ago..whenever "Yonkers" dropped..

i watched the video first because of all the attention it was getting itself, and not the actual lyrics..i cant lie it fucked me up completely for a few hours, but i couldn't stop watching..that day i mustve contributed to 8 of the now 600k plus views its gotten thus far..after the 2nd time i actually thoroughly listened to the lyrics and was like, he's actually not bad..not what I, Luke am used to listening to, but he definitely gained a fan for being so young (19) as well as completely true to himself..

i think the same day he had words with Eskay of nahright, whereas the avg artist in hip hop/rap whatever wouldn't dare...hell most niggas would sell their soul to grace the posts over there..he's said fuck Shake @ 2 dopeboyz and look where all that and his dedication to him succeeding has gotten him..

..late night with jimmy fallon and being backed by the roots..what i just went through I'm sure isn't HALF this kids story or struggle..but the info provided alone, and seeing him end the visit on the back of jimmy fallon, is like a win for all the under cant help but appreciate what hes accomplished, as well as just outright happy for Tyler and his team..for now, as he said himself...he's winning..

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