Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jay Electronica vs. Diddy my faithful buddies of my blog know, I don't condone rumors, or anything of the's too much good music, dope apparel, etc to be focused on than shed light on any of the negative or anything remotely close..but THIS news has pissed me off..

So Jay Electronica recently signed to/with Roc Nation..CONGRATULATIONS ARE DEFINITELY IN ORDER!..and if Diddy can say Elecs name and the word FRIEND in the same sentence he should NOT be excluded from delivering congrats to that man..but word is he's upset..but as a friend of this man, and knowing what he's come from, overcome and so forth, how could you not be excited for this time in his life and career? With that being said the word career is basically synonymous with BUSINESS..and although some of us go against the grain, it's often said not to mix business with friendships..and well lastly..the deal with Roc Nation probably made more sense overall than whatever Diddy had laid (if anything) on the table..

If my FRIEND whom I know their struggles, comes to a point in his/her life where things are now going according to plans, how could I with a clear heart, just bug the fk out? Man, I tell's a cold world..

I could go on for days..but it's pissing me off the more I think and type..congrats and good luck with or without Sean Combs in your corner Jay Elec..

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