Sunday, October 17, 2010

A. DRIVER x CooLikeDat (interview)

CooLikeDat Exclusive: Interview w/ A. Driver!

Who is A. Driver?

A. Driver is an artist from Norfolk, Up South. I'm an M.C. living in a rappers
world who's trying to make it to the mainstream without being corny lol.

How did you get started with music?
I got started battling & being in cyphers in middle school. After seeing
how people took to
me I just went all in with the music & I've beenworking ever since.

For people who have never heard your music, what is one thing
you want them to know?
That I'm NICE lol. Seriously though, I want people to know that
I'm on my
shit. I can rap & I'm good at it.

What is your dream team? (Producers, singers, directors,
My dream team would be a team full of Virgina
talent. I would want to do a project with work
from Tim, Missy, Teddy, Lex Luger, Bink,
Nottz, DanjaHandz, & The Neptunes on
it. All of my features would be from
Va artist also. The Clipse, Trey,
Chris Brown, DMP, etc... That joint would be classic.

Scenario: the time has come for you
to record your LAST song, what would
be the topic? And who would produce it?
It would be about inner city kids over
coming their current living situation(s)
because their survival & overall prosperity
will help shape the world. I would want
the youth to know that just because shit
isn't right doesn't mean you have to live
life that way. I believe you can be in this
world but not of it so I would preach
positivity & prosperity. On the production
side I would have to go to Bink so I could
get that soul & pain & he's from Norfolk
so I'm biased lol.

You've been rapping for a while now can
you give us one memory or moment that
made you realize you were succeeding?
I was at home & my mother called me.
She was at the hair salon & a girl asked
her if she knew A. Driver. The girl asked
her if she knew me because my mother's
hair dresser called her Mrs. Driver. It was
crazy because shorty noticed my mother's
name & put two & two together. When
people start to recognize your name
that let's you know you're doing something.
Especially here.

What can we expect from A. Driver in the future?
Great music. I pray for a classic album &
a major hit but if I don't get that I'm always
gonna provide very strong music.

Where can the people get in contact with
you and get your music?
You can contact my management at
or at You can hit
me at,,, or on myspace
(if you still use it lol)

Here at the CooLikeDat blog would like to
thank you for this interview and in closing,
we always like to ask: What makes you
Thank you for taking interest in me & wanting
an interview; & I'm CooLikeDat because
I use end rhyme, internal
rhyme, alliteration, metaphors & similes,
wear Polo, New Era, OG Nike sneakers
& retros, grew up listening to Biggie &
Jay not this new shit, & I'm from Norfolk, Up South.

What's My Name?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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