Monday, March 29, 2010

I think I need to utilize my blog a bit more. For what it's worth, a few people to check on me in regards to it, and inquire about my lack of postings.

Ever just been "tired"? Not a sleepy...*yawn* type tired, but just a mentally drained, stressed, fed up tired. Well that's how I have been feeling a lot lately, and anything remotely close to blogging has been furthest from my mind. A lot of people "shun" those who choose to vent in such a public manner. Not I, I just..I honestly don't know what I was or have been thinking, I just was and still am in my own world.

From family woes, to relationship bumps, etc etc I have just been overwhelmed this entire year. I was never the type to frequently, let it all out when things were going on in my life..for music was always my escape route, as I'd drown myself in whatever happened to be in my CD player at the time and zone out.

That's where my love and passion for the game was born. Well not the game, but music. My love for the game came when I realize I'd truthfully never be one to compete with the likes of B.I.G & Jay...I'd never be the illest dancer etc. so learning the business side would be a more lucrative venture for me.

As I stated it's just so much going on right now, and little rays of sunshine for me to focus on what is likely to happen soon. for the say when you are indeed at your worst, that breakthrough is upon you. God knows I pray every morning, night, and throughout the day for that to become a reality.

Lately, I've been wondering as to why people are thankful for the struggle. Like, the way I feel now is FUCK the struggle. I agree that if you never had, and struggle, and achieve then yeah you'll be quite appreciative. Then again it's like shoot, you can be that appreciative and NOT have went through "hell"..I guess thats just a statement people say to sound PC..IDK be continued

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