Friday, January 1, 2010


...well, unless you've got wi-fi and internet access in the presence of the Lord, just as I, you've made it to see another day. Another day that also just so happens to be another year. On behalf of both you and I, I am extremely grateful. A lot of people have stuck this year out with me, which might I add was the roughest/ugliest thus far. But I'm still here, for a reason perhaps. Trust and believe, I intend to find out...and VERY SOON.

Don't get it twisted, if you know me personally, maybe notice some of the not so nice things I may say or speak on be clear I consider myself to be a realist. But not a day goes past that I don't speak to and give ALL THE GLORY AND PRIASE TO GOD..I just feel compelled to speak my mind as clear and as in line with my thoughts as possible.

In conclusion, I just want to thank those who check in with the blog, hit me up asking when I'm going to update again, RT the link on twitter etc. Little things like that, and just knowing I've got a few people that fuck with me mean a lot. I appreciate you all. And as I've said before, this blog is nowhere near where I want it to be, but a mere temporary time buyer for lack of better words, lol, and if that even makes sense.

I love my family (ma, makhi, ashley, Christy, rico) I appreciate my associates..let's make today and beyond better than those in the past!


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