Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The best to have ever done it.....

How can anyone in their right mind say that as of now, Jay is the best to have ever done it? People may argue that he's lost his spark, whateverthefuck that means....But honestly, who has done what he's done, and to the same magnitude? NO ONE! Then it's always the jerk who wants to bring up the dead (no disrespect), but we can't do that. Who's to say that any of our favorite deceased artists would have lived up to the hype each and every release, and who's to say that they would have become excellent businessmen such as hov? The mans got a hell of a mark in every category across the board! And well, it's virtually impossible for him to be knocked off his square. True indeed BP3 is NOT "Reasonable Doubt"....I do believe him saying that if you want his OLD shit, buy his OLD albums, and that's exactly what those people yearning for one more wiff of 1996 need to do!! Everything in life is about growth/progress. And we all are quick to say we're far from stupid. But when one stays in the same lane, doing the exact same things for over 10yrs, then that's quite a contradictory statement to say the least. If you want to hear people continuously rapping about the same silly shit, go and support GUCCI MANE, or someone of that caliber. Hov is and has always been about being the "bar", and he's definitely taking you places that when listening to other artists, you may not reach for another 2-3yrs.

BP3....definitely worth the purchase

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