Saturday, January 17, 2009


NOTORIOUS-famous for something bad: well known for some undesirable feature, quality, or act

Well the director(s), writers, and cast of this movie will definitely go down for something totally opposite of this movies actual definition. Because the only thing "bad" about this feature, was the length, and even though it was actually a decent length film, that's just the greedy, Biggie fan in me yearning for more of the late great.

If you knew him personally or was actually a fan of his from the early 90s, then this is so much more than a mere movie to you. It's like you just reliving your homeboys life, because you knew every incident which was featured in the film. From his comedic ways expressed in scenes, after his mother walked in while "working" in his room, to the scene with him and his teacher going back and forth. Or how his ladies man demeanor came out when meeting both Lil Kim & Faith.

To him getting locked up, to his friendships beginning and ending with Pac. It all just seemed to familiar. And I believe they did a wonderful job of capturing his short, SHORT life. Too bad they didn't pull a Malcom X though, and make the film like 3+ hours........but no legit complaints, none whatsoever.

*EDIT* I apologize, I don't know if I'd consider this to be a complaint, but gottdamn dude playing Pac kind of threw me off, because he did'nt sound like, or even slightly resemble the man other than the fact that he was a black male...but something which can be easily overlooked, lol, just thought I'd toss that in there.

Jamal Woolard a.k.a Gravy b.k.a Big did a good job too. It's crazy though, I could only imagine him growing up, wanting to be like Biggie in certain instances, who would've ever though he'd be playing him after his demise......crazy thought.

And to think, I mean to really sit back and realize, that Puff was what, 25, and big was 24 when this journey came to a tragic end. But Big was still crowned the King. INCREDIBLE!! There was old heads around then, lol, and @ 24 and 12yrs. later he's still considered the BEST THAT EVER DID IT. Those are still a few breathtaking facts, when in deep thought.

I do have a question though.......HOW FUCKIN' OLD IS MARC JOHN JEFFRIES(losing isiah) a.k.a Lil Cease(in the movie)????

They got dude, smokin, poppin bottles, got broads in the studio........LMAO.....

good film though, definitely a must see.

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